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The dining car is based on a new generation car platform and designed to be operated with trains of 61-4440, 61-4445, 61-4447, 61-4458 car models.

Restaurant car

Saloon is equipped with:

• 8 tables with bordered edges;
• separate bottle hole holders for tables;
• double-seat units with locked drawers;
• cornice with decorative ceiling lighting;
• hooks for light clothing and handbags;
• TV-sets on the transversal partitions at the both sides of the lounge.

The coach is equipped with audio and video broad-casting system. The server (video unit) is installed in the bar.

Audio and video broadcasting system permits:

• to transmit the audio entertaining programs for the passengers;
• to bring to the passengers supplementary information;
• to alert the passengers about emergency from staff coach;
• to transmit the video programs.

Storage room is equipped with:

• racks;
• place for janitorial supplies;
• place for working clothing intended for coach rooms cleaning, as well as personal protective equipment storage place;
• place for extended ladder and SPTA;
• alarm signal transmission unit (UPAS) and interphone as part security control and communication system;
• electronic unit of the antiskid system (for the disc brakes coach version).