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Double-decker passenger coach with seats

The coach may be delivered in the following production versions:

• double-deck passenger coach with standard interior;
• double-deck passenger coach with improved interior;

Passenger saloons are equipped with:

• passenger seats with folding tables on the back side, folding footrest for passengers sitting behind, pocket-net for newspapers and small items, with elements of the passenger information system, 220 V sockets (for the coach with improved interior, with a possibility of video transmission with the help of monitors built into seat backs and a button for summoning the conductor); for the coach with an improved interior blocks of seats can swing around their axis.
• luggage racks along the passenger saloon of the coach;
• local LED lamps for each passenger seat;
• hooks for clothes;
• racks for luggage;
• main lightning lamp;
• additionally for the coach with an improved interior - coat stowage section, zone for keeping and distributing hot drinks and products equipped with a cooler-hot water heater, pedestal table, niche with locking leaves to keep one delivery transformer cart or a similar type one, niche to keep minimum one standard 10-liter bottle, trash locker for disposable dishes and tea/coffee bags, into which disposable bags could be put.

In the coach, in the first and second deck big corridors LED display boards are installed. They show the following information:

• air temperature inside the coach;
• outdoor temperature;
• coach number;
• current time;
• the next stop;
• additional current, reference or commercial information in the form of scrolling text;
• toilet occupancy.

The coach is equipped with an audio system that ensures:

• broadcasting audio entertainment programs for passengers;
• providing passengers with additional information;
• informing passengers of emergency abnormal situations.

The audio entertainment programs and operative information are broadcast from the compartment with radio equipment. The coach may be equipped with itinerary panels installed on the brake end side walls. The coach is equipped with access points, 802.11 b/g/n standard, which ensures wireless access of passengers and personnel to Internet network.

On request of the customer on the lower level of the coach with standard interior it is possible to install, instead of two or three two-seat blocks, a vending machine selling snacks and refreshment drinks in tin and plastic dishes or arrange children’s play space or zone for transporting small pets, also in cages.

Passenger compartment (for the coach with improved interior only) is equipped with:

• two places for high-comfort seats;
• shelves for small items;
• individual folding or in-and-out transformable tables; it is possible to install tables folding into armrests of seats or a different version of tables in coordination with the customer;
• main lightning lamp;
• local lamps;
• TV set;
• volume regulator of the wire broadcasting system.

Luggage section (for coaches with standard interior only) is equipped with:

• main lightning lamp;
• racks for luggage.

The service compartment is equipped with:

• control panel of the coach systems;
• fire alarm control and indicating equipment of the fire alarm system;
• car-to-car communication system;
• passenger coach safety system;
• seat;
• sink with water mixer;
• separate closets for dishes, overalls, tea products, first-aid kit and operating documents;
• refrigerator, minimum 30 liters, with the temperature inside the refrigerator plus 4±2°С;
• microwave, minimum 10 liters;
• folding table;
• volume regulator of the wire broadcasting system;
• main lightning lamp;
• block of two 220 V sockets to switch on a kettle and other equipment;
• closet for clothes.