Kolomensky Zavod

Kolomensky Zavod

General Director Mirny D.S.

Website: www.kolomnadiesel.com

Company profile

Kolomensky Zavod (KZ) is the largest company in Russia specializing in railway and power engineering, production is based on its own design and technological developments.

Product Line

The main activities of the enterprise are design, production and maintenance of main-line locomotives (passenger and freight diesel locomotives and passenger electric locomotives), diesel units (medium-speed diesel engines and diesel generators for diesel locomotives, power plants, heavy dump trucks and ships).

Kolomensky Zavod is the only Russian manufacturer of main-line passenger diesel locomotives, builder of the first domestic main-line high-speed electric passenger AC locomotives EP200, passenger electric DC locomotives EP2K, freight diesel locomotives 2TE70. Passenger locomotives TEP70 that were manufactured during the period from 1988 to 2006 ensure for a significant part of passenger traffic at nonelectrified sections of railways in Russia and CIS countries. Kolomensky Zavod is the largest Russian manufacturer of medium-speed 450-5000 kW engines.

The enterprises sales of various diesel engine spare parts amount to about RUB 800 million.

Industrial Structure

Kolomensky Zavod has a closed production cycle. The total production area of the enterprise is 124 hectares. The industrial complex includes casting, blank production, welding and mechanical assembly businesses. The site area comprises 28 main production workshops and 15 auxiliary production workshops, including custom shops and areas implementing brand new manufacturing technologies. Kolomensky Zavod has a modern design, engineering, research and experimental capabilities. The enterprise comprises large design divisions on diesel engine and locomotive building. The site performs full pre-production preparation, including pre-project research and development, design, manufacturing, testing, pilot engineering development and industrial, administrative and logistical preparation of manufacturing.

The number of employees at the site is 8,210.

Historical background

Kolomensky Zavod was founded in 1863 by a military engineer Amand Yegorovich Struve, who was contracted to build a railway bridge across the Oka River in Kolomna.

Starting from its establishment the Enterprise was associated with railway transport. Initially the site specialized in bridging, for which purpose an imported steel had been used before. In 1865 the site implemented production of railway cars, platforms, tank cars (total of 75,000 cars of different types were manufactured).

In 1869 Kolomensky Zavod was one of the first in Russia to start manufacturing of steam locomotives, to implement mass production (main-line, industrial and narrow gauge steam locomotives) and to create steam locomotives based on its own design. Along with the locomotive building shipbuilding was being developed at the enterprise: starting from 1878 river wheel steamers, tugboats and passenger steamers, marine steam schooners were manufactured. All in all 128 steamships were manufactured.

In 1902 Kolomensky Zavod purchased diesel engines production license from the Nobel Brothers Factory. After a while it became the Russia's largest designer and manufacturer of various purpose diesel engines (transport, production industry, power industry, military-industrial complex, etc.). The first river motor vessel was built in Kolomna in 1907 and in 1908 a four-stroke marine diesel engine and the first in the world two-propeller sea tanker for oil transportation were produced. All in all, the factory manufactured 85 ships.

During the pre-revolutionary period the factory had an imperial factory status: at All-Russian Exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod in 1870, 1882 and 1896, respectively, factory products were awarded with the State Emblem, the highest state award. At 1900 World Expo in Paris, at International Exhibitions in Milan, Bordeaux and in Turin in 1906, 1907 and 1911, respectively, the factory won Grand-prix and 1910 International Exhibition in Buenos Aires brought DE GRAN PREMIO Diploma.

Steam locomotives Series Su, FD, IC and other, which were produced in lots by Russian locomotive building factories, had been developed at the enterprise. When the Great Patriotic War began the greater part of the factory was evacuated to Kirov, where production of military hardware like tanks, Katyusha mortars and self-propelled mounts was set up within a short period of time. Those employees, who stayed in Kolomna, were making repairs of the military equipment. In addition, during the war the enterprise fulfilled large orders of metallurgical plants: produced of coke-pushing rams, equipment for blast furnaces, hot-metal cars, mine winders and converters. Diesel hammers and spare parts for electric power plants were manufactured for recovery of the liberated regions. In the middle of 1943 the factory resumed manufacturing of locomotives and diesel engines. The enterprise repaired locomotives and diesel engines, developed new locomotives and engines.

In 1954 the most powerful (more than 4 thousand hp) 1-4+2-4 locomotive to haul heavy trains was developed. All in all, during 88 years of locomotive building activity Kolomensky Zavod designed about 200 types and manufactured 10,420 multi purpose locomotives.

Along with the main products: locomotives, cars, steamboats, motor vessels and diesel engines, at different times the enterprise manufactured trams, equipment for metallurgical enterprises, metro, military and agricultural equipment and locomobiles.

In the Soviet Union Kolomensky Zavod was the first to start production of fundamentally new locomotives for Russia diesel locomotives and electric locomotives. It became the first domestic enterprise, which organized serial production of diesel locomotives (1933), and sold more than 2,000 locomotives over its entire history. In 1932 Kolomensky Zavod together with Dinamo plant manufactured the first Soviet freight electric locomotive.

During 1960-1968 a new family of marine diesel engines for the Navy (type D42 and D43) was developed. In the mid 60s a power range of medium speed four-stroke diesel engines D49 of modular design for diesel locomotives, ships, electric power stations, heavy dump trucks and so on was developed. Kolomensky Zavod manufactured over 37,000 diesel engines.

Kolomensky Zavod was awarded with three Orders: the Order of Lenin (1939), the Order of the Red Banner Labour (1945), and the Order of the October Revolution (1971). In 2003 the President of the Russian Federation thanked the team of Kolomensky Zavod of for great contribution to the development of national transport equipment.

Factory General Managers

. Uryvaev1918-1920G.Ya. Andreyev1946-1952
I.G. Makarov1920-1921V.N. Pashin1952-1960
I.G. Elenin1921V.P. Strelnikov1973-1986
. Uryvaev1921-1925L.D. Arseyev1986-1987
N.G. Miroshin1925-1929B.V. Plotnikov1987-1988
D.E. Berezin 1930-1935.. Kizelshtein1988-1995
S.I. Kuks1935-1936V.A. Berezhkov1995-2000
I.S. Dotsenko1936-1938A.P. Korolev2000-2001
V.A. Malyshev1938-1939A.D. Novikov2005-2006
S.D. Novotortsev1939-1940A.F. Andreyev2006-2007
S.N. Konshin1940V.N. Frantz2007
R.E. Rubinchik1940-1941V.Yu. Karpov2007-2014
N.N. Smelyakov1941-1942Simonov N.P.2014-2015
L.N. Bebenin1942Karpov V.Yu.2015-2017
S.V. Gotsyridze1942-1943Vozhakin E.E.2017-2019
Mirny D.S.2019 to date