NEVZ General Director – Sergey Fedorovich Podust

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Company profile

Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ) is the largest producer of main-line electric freight and passenger locomotives, industrial electric locomotives. The locomotives manufactured by NEVZ have got a high degree of reliability, operating in severe climatic and terrain conditions; they haul trains, transporting 80% of all cargo on electrified railways of Russia and near abroad. 15,000 locomotives of more than 40 types have been produced on its assembly lines.

Product Range

Over the period of operation enterprise has mastered the full range of locomotives production: from overhead wire mining locomotive KN10 40 kW to main-line freight electric locomotive with the capacity of 10000 kW. The enterprise manufactures sets of electric DC trains ED4M, ET2M. Since 1994, the enterprise carries out major repairs of AC electric power and supplies the sets of electrical equipment. More over NEVZ manufactures mining equipment for open cast mining, new generation of industrial electric DC locomotives with asynchronous traction drive for the metallurgical enterprises; overhead wire locomotives for coal mines; freight mine cars.


The industrial complex of the enterprise includes electrical, machining, metallurgy, cold-stamping, assembly, and other versions of production, covering the entire process of locomotives production. NEVZ is the leader in the industry according to the level of technological organization. The complex of measures on improving design of electric locomotives, improving manufacturing technology of parts and units, application of more advanced materials and processing methods are being performed at the enterprise.

Total Staff - 10666.

Historical background

The history of the Enterprise dates back to February 1932 when the Government made a decision approving the construction site of Novocherkassk Locomotive Enterprise (NPZ). In April 1936 the enterprise manufactured its first products. In 1936 - 37 the enterprise manufactured narrow gauge steam locomotives series 159, caterpillar tracks excavators for peatery, broad-gauge 54-ton tank steam locomotive series 9P. They were substituting import products because earlier steam locomotives were purchased in Sweden and Germany.

In the beginning of 1938 the enterprise was transferred to the People's Commissariat of arms and by the end of 1938 it had started the production of field guns. During the war, equipment and specialists of the enterprise were evacuated in Votkinsk (Udmurtia). In Novocherkassk on the basis of the remaining enterprise equipment the production of mortar and repairing of guns, trucks and tanks was organized.

In 1946, after restoration, the Novocherkassk Locomotive Plant was reorganized into the Electric Locomotive Plant. Since 1947, it started to manufacture new products - six-axle main-line DC electric locomotive VL22M with the capacity of 2400 kW.

In 1953 prototype of eight-axle DC electric locomotive was produced. In 1959 the plant started serial production of AC electric locomotive VL60. The first commercial electric locomotive was manufactured in 1952 for Shaturskaya CHP peat. So-called "Burlaki" were manufactured for towing vessels through the HPS locks. NEVZ Electric locomotives were exported to China, Poland and Finland. Industrial electric locomotives manufactured at the enterprise, were operated on open mining in our country and abroad – in India, Hungary and Bulgaria.

In February 1971 NEVZ was awarded with the Order of Lenin for the progress made in implementing plans for the 8th Five Year Plan. Heavy-duty twelve-axle locomotive VL85 was released for operation at BAM in the 70's. It hauled freight trains on the complex terrain at ambient temperatures from -60 to +40 degrees Celsius.

NEVZ actively cooperates with the enterprises in other countries - joint developments with the Bombardier Transportation (Canada) and Hitachi (Japan).

A corporate training center is available for TMH and RZhD specialists.